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Team Member Page

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years ago

Not only can a Team Member Page help the other members of your team know more about you and how to reach you, they'll definitely appreciate the ability to use this page as a "holding tank" for things they need you to do.


The most used portions of this page will probably be your task list (you'll be using this heavily), and the list of tasks that others would like you to work on (expect your teammates to use this extensively).


About [Team Member]


Contact Info:


[Phone #]

[Email address]



About Me:

[Team Member bio]



  • Responsibility 1
  • Responsibility 2
  • Responsibility 3


Tasks I'm Working On:

  • Tasks 1
  • Tasks 2


Tasks You'd Like Me To Work On:

  • Find a product manager for [YourCompany]
  • Conduct interview with InformationWeek

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